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"Guitar Tone Secrets"

"Guitar Tone Secrets"
is my secret formula road map, that I personally use to create killer guitar tone, each and every time.

Once you know the secret formula for creating your own unique guitar tone, you'll have the golden key to unlock killer guitar tone forever.

There's nothing but hard hitting, proven techniques that I personally use to build my killer guitar tone.

Your audience will take notice, and soon be slobbering over the luscious slab of guitar tone you're feeding them.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover...

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Since you're taking action by ordering now, I know you'll want to get started right away. My gift in appreciation, this handy guitar chord tool.

You can find any chord your looking for in seconds, even better, you'll learn many chords that you've never even heard, or played before.

Any key, sharp or flat, is available.

This little guitar chord tool is one of the most handy tools when it comes to learning, writing, transposing, teaching etc...

This is a must have!

$47 Value



Find any guitar scale in seconds. A very handy tool to have when learning guitar solos, writing songs, composing harmonies, etc...

By simply adding several new scales into your playing, you can improve your playing more than 100% in a very short time.

This bonus alone, is worth hundreds of dollars if you took full advantage of it's power.

All the scales you can think of, major and minor, including the modes for the scales. This is another absolute must!

$47 Value



Learn All The Notes On The Neck - Quick & Easy...

There's no doubt that knowing where the notes are on the guitar neck makes creating music so much easier.

Whether you're creating a planned out masterpiece, freestyle improvising, or just simply jamming, knowing your notes on the neck is going to give you a serious advantage.

No more struggling to get around the fretboard.

Order now, and you'll get this priceless tool FREE.

$47 Value




This is the master link in the chain. Your own tuner, your own metronome, and your own drum-loops to jam with.

This combination package is being given to you as a system to improve your overall guitar playing.

Using these tools regularly, can have a major impact on your guitar playing in a short amount of time, skyrocketing your skills beyond your expectations.

Now you can get your hands on all of these absolutely FREE, just by taking action now.

$47 Value




PaceMaker is a plug-in for Winamp player that enables independent control of the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate.

Tempo control speeds up or slows down the music tempo without affecting the music key (pitch).

* (This is great for slowing down fast guitar solos, so you can easily pick out every single note, without changing the original pitch)

Pitch control changes the music pitch (key) without affecting the tempo.

Speed control changes the music playback rate as if a record or an audio tape were played at too high of a rate, or too low of a rate.

PaceMaker version 2 also features a Vocal Removal capability to suppress original singing voice, which is useful for practicing singing, or karaoke.

$47 Value


You now have a better opportunity than thousands of other guitarists, when it comes to achieving the WOW factor within your Guitar Tone.

If you apply the proven methods and techniques found within "Guitar Tone Secrets", as well as the "bonus material" into your knowledge bank, there's no doubt that you'll improve guitar tone AND... your guitar playing skills tremendously.

I want to personally thank you for allowing me the opportunity to help take your Guitar skills to the next level, and beyond.

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