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Bob-Web-RockFrom: Robert Lee Molton
Peoria, Illinois

Dear Friend,

Are you overwhelmed and tired of trying all the new guitar tone products on the market today, and still getting your tail kicked by other guitarist's killer guitar sound over and over again? Are you simply finding it difficult to make your guitar sound "STAND OUT" in your own band?

I bet you are!

I often receive emails from people just like you who are struggling to make their guitar rig sound killer. You've tried this pedal, and that pickup, but you just can't seem to get the exact guitar tone you want. You've dropped thousands into guitar gear but still aren't satisfied.

Maybe you've spent days dialing in your guitar sound for your band, only for them to say something negative about it, causing you to start all over again chasing your tail.

When I hear the stories I often write back...

It's NOT Your Fault!

You see, most of the information you read online now is total over-hype and it falls into two categories. The info is either about some new amp, pedal, or pickup that does it all etc... or it's just plain hype about inferior products that have not been time tested or road tested.

I get frustrated when I see people wasting their hard earned money on trendy products that promise the greatest guitar tone ever, raising your hopes of instantly having a killer guitar tone. BUT, the cold truth is, it simply doesn't work that way.


There is some good news!

I'm coming forward to tell you how it is in the real world of Killer Guitar Sound! After years of constantly testing methods and techniques, I'm going to reveal to you true authentic tone enhancement tips that are proven and used by professional guitar players worldwide.

I'll show you the methods used to get Killer Guitar Tone anywhere, anytime, and every time.


I'm simply tired of seeing all the hype and completely wrong information about getting killer guitar tone. I feel it would just not be right for me to continue watching my friends, my guitar students, and their friends, getting pulled every which way towards buying un-necessary new guitar gear.

You see, I've been right where you are. I can remember when I had an un-exciting guitar tone, in debt and working like crazy trying to earn enough money to get the next important piece of guitar gear, etc.

This is great news for you because I didn't have anyone willing to share the hard facts with me like I'm going to share with you today!

Today You're About To Discover The Truth!

So why should you listen to me?

Well, those of you who are already familiar with my guitar instructional products, and have taken my advice in the past already know why you'll listen to me again and again.

Learning my personal techniques and methods can lead you directly to Killer Guitar Tone, and hundreds of guitar players have already done this.

If you haven't heard of me, here's my brief story...

Years ago I was struggling to get a great guitar sound. I was fresh out of school and was gigging steady in my cover band, which consisted of two guitarists... The other guitarist's sound always "Stood Out" more than mine. It forced me to experiment with my sound.

I did things that the so called Guru's tell you not to do... I started cutting, routing, re-wiring, re-fretting my guitars and modifying amps and experimenting on everything I could. It's because that's what Edward Van Halen did, and he has the Ultimate Tone in my opinion!

I'll be honest with you, it was far from easy, and it took months before I had any breakthroughs, but over time I learned and developed real authentic tone enhancement techniques that myself and countless other guitarists use today.

Earlier this year I shared some of my best guitar tone methods and techniques with the world, and have since earned some of the highest reviews ever on my e-Book. 

A lot of guitarists significantly improved their Guitar Tone by applying my methods and techniques, and I received lots of thank you emails and success stories.

I even won a guitar contest for The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and after the video was launched for the contest, I started getting emails about my guitar tone in the video. I was thrilled, and a bit surprised because It was recorded straight from the video camera mic.

I shared some very useful and effective tone methods with the people who emailed me. I'm talking about fast and easy improvement methods. Everyone benefited from the information I revealed.

However... over the course of time popular guitar tones change, and what was working then may not be working so much right now.

This won't matter for you! You'll soon know the Secret Formula for Killer Guitar Tone Forever!Bob Molton Marshall Stacks

I've been constantly testing my methods and techniques, while making improvements and fine tuning details whenever possible.

I've been active in the music business for over 30 years now, and have heard tons of Killer Guitar Rigs, and acquired valuable information from many pro's.

I will admit I do have tons of guitars, amps, and toys, but the truth is when you know the authentic formula for creating killer tone, you'll only need a one guitar, one amp and maybe some effects to flavor things up.

Earlier this year I was discussing guitar tone techniques with some well-known guitarists in the music business, and discovered they all use the "same approach" to create there own killer guitar tone.

The interesting part was, even though everyone had already incorporated the core elements into their existing sound, we all learned something new from each other that could be applied to our own guitar rigs immediately. It was exciting for all of us to say the least!

I don't tell you this to brag and boast, I just want to help you realize what's possible for your guitar tone. I started with an average sound, and I've turned that into a Fat Monstrous Slab of Tone, leaving my audience slobbering for more. You can do the same!

It's true, but you need to understand the formula, methods, and techniques to do so.

This is why I recently decided to test my methods against some of the latest pedals, pickups, amps, simulators etc, that everyone was raving about.

The Shocking Case Study!

I decided I was going to put my "Proven" methods against a few of the so called "latest and greatest" products on the market.

I knew my methods worked, but I wanted to start from scratch and see if there were any recent products that may have merit... So, I went to work.

I set up several guitar rigs to test the different approaches on their own, and make 100% sure the results were valid.

First off, all the products I tested delivered good results, but having said that, my proven methods and techniques were producing far better organic guitar tone... no question!

I have to admit the other products weren't doing nearly as bad as I thought they might have...

Here's the results after a couple of weeks from the start of this case study:

    Line 6 POD XT Amp Modeler

    bullet2 This handy little device is pretty cool to say the least, and it does do a whole lot of things very well, but...

    bullet2 It's a great way to capture tracks onto a digital work station, or send a signal through headphones to the drummer, but...

    bullet2 When it comes to building you're main core sound, this unit could be a piece of the puzzle. but...

    bullet2 The lack of tube warmth, and dull response from the EQ tends to produce a digital sound, but...

    Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Pedal

    bullet2This pedal is one of the better distortion pedals due to it's built in parametric equalizer, but...

    bullet2 This unit does have a very large range of distortion, as well as tonal shaping abilities, but...

    bullet2 When it comes to using this as a tool for your core sound, (even through a great sounding tube amp), it is possible, but...

    bullet2 The equalizer is not as musical as it could be for such a wide range of  tonal options, and tends to be a bit noisy, but...

    Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker

    bullet2 First off, I really like dime's guitar tone, especially for his style of music, which is exactly why I was so excited to try this pickup, but...

    bullet2 I was disappointed to discover that the pickup didn't deliver the signature "Pantera" sound, and actually was quite different than I expected, but...

    bullet2 The response off of the pick was quite unusual, and didn't have the anticipated focus and tightness, but...

    bullet2 After testing this pickup in several guitars, producing the same results every time, it did not deliver the signature "Pantera" sound, but...

    Monster Cable - Monster Rock 1/4

    bullet2 The Monster Cable name is very well respected, and they actually do make a great cable but...

    bullet2 Considering the cost of these cables, I assumed they must be one of the best cables available, and maybe they are as far as durability and longevity goes, but...

    bullet2 Instrument cables can make or break your sound, so the high cost and high durability factor can be justified if they make a big difference in your guitar sound, but...

    bullet2 It's a fact that cables can dull the high end and reduce signal, deliver a spongy squishy sound, as may be the case with a Monster Cable, but...

    The Robert Lee Molton - "Winner" Guitar Tone Secrets!

    bullet2 The guitar tone you create using my methods and techniques, will always sound killer because you'll understand the formula for success!

    bullet2 The tone methods and techniques will work for any and all guitarists, including any and all styles of music.

    bullet2 The approach to Killer Guitar Tone will actually make you a better guitarist, and will indeed sharpen your listening skills.

    bullet2 The knowledge and skill you'll acquire when absorbing the information you're about to indulge yourself in, is something you'll use for the rest of your musical career.

    (My methods are hands down the only way to get real killer tone)

    I think you'll agree, my techniques are 10 times more effective than the next best gadget on the market. To start with, the secret formula you'll learn is something you'll use for the rest of your guitar playing career, not to mention shaving years off your learning curve. You'll potentially save thousands of dollars. It's a lifetime reward.

    If you choose to follow the wrong information you could end up like so many other guitarists, chasing their tales in search of the ultimate guitar tone, only to find limited success (if any), and having spent thousands of un-necessary dollars in the process.

    You Can Follow Along Step-By-Step and Begin Applying My Most Effective Blueprint For Creating Killer Guitar Tone, Using Your Existing Guitar Rig, OR... Starting New!


    "Guitar Tone Secrets"

    Rockstar Guitar Tone is Now Within Your Reach...

    I've spent several months brain dumping the important elements of creating great guitar tone on paper. I've then put this into a no fluff Online e-Book... Full of useful tips, methods and techniques that can take you from the guitar sound you have now... to a Million Dollar Guitar Sound.

    "Guitar Tone Secrets"
    is my secret formula road map, that I personally use to create killer guitar tone, each and every time.

    Once you know the secret formula for creating your own unique guitar tone, you'll have the golden key to unlock killer guitar tone forever.

    There's nothing but hard hitting, proven techniques that I personally use to build my killer guitar tone.

    Your audience will take notice, and soon be slobbering over the luscious slab of guitar tone you're feeding them.

    Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover...

    Click Here For Immediate Access

    There's more to this little book than "just" guitar tone.
    Here's a fraction of what you're getting...

    • An ingeniously simple formula to create Killer Guitar Tone on demand without going broke or buying all new gear
    • How to re-string your guitar properly, and why this is an absolute must... It's amazing how important it is...Yet, many people don't know this
    • Which types of woods you should use for particulars tones, especially if you're getting a new guitar or building one... This will eliminate headaches and save tons of time
    • Discover... How to tap into your own personal unique guitar tone, that will blow away your competition, and get you noticed
    • The Most Successful Formula For Creating Amazing Guitar Tone, regardless of the style of music you play
    • Which elements to focus on within your guitar rig, for the fastest and most noticeable improvements
    • The 2 critical elements you need to analyze when choosing a new guitar, or comparing tone differences
    • How to pass the razor blade test... Fail this, and your guitar tone is as good as dead

    (Over 25 years of proven tips and methods reavealed)

    • Exposed... How to sound great on any guitar, or any amp automatically
    • The 5 Biggest Secrets That Guarantees A Home Run Style Success For Any musical Style Of Guitar Tone You Create
    • The secret formula all the pro's use that no one else is telling you about
    • Uncovered... The 2 most popular wood types used to quickly get amazing tone from your guitar
    • The best finishes that allow the Most Organic Guitar Tone Available'
    • How to know which pickup is right for you, this will save you tons of time and money
    • How to dial-in your guitar rig like a true professional musician onstage and in the studio
    • How 1 Simple Technique Can Improve Your Guitar Tone 100%
    • Revealed... How speakers affect your tone, what speaker is best for you in your quest for unique tone. You really need to know this
    • The truth about outboard gear, pedals, and hard bypass switching
    • The 4 elements of concern, when building a guitar from scratch... all 4 are equally as important

    (A Sneak Peak Into A Rock Guitarists Stage Rig)

    • The One Technique For Killer Rock Guitar Sound, That No One Else Is Telling You About
    • Discover the key differences in amplifier power tubes, and how you can use pre-amp tubes to create 110% better tone instantly
    • My personal secret weapon, when it comes to getting quality guitar tone through any guitar, or amp. Your audience will be attracted to your sound
    • The Surefire method That guarantees you, to sound like yourself, regardless of the guitar you're playing.
    • Exact placement of what should go where, in your signal chain, this is critical
    • The amazing advanced aggressive picking technique that can add Growl to your guitar tone... immediately
    • How any guitarist or band can use these tone enhancements to benefit the overall band's sound, and Gain An Instant 'PRO' Credibility Status
    • How the average guitarist can develop a million dollar guitar sound again and again
    • Plus much more...

    Click Here To Get Guitar Tone Secrets

    This is just a taste of the juicy tips, methods, and techniques you'll find in, "Guitar Tone Secrets".

    There's much more, and the best thing about it is that it's laid out in a simple easy to follow guide that absolutely anyone can follow to start creating killer guitar tone fast and easy... Even if you've never had a good sound prior to this.

    I've been using this proven system for years, and to be honest, the approach of these methods and techniques have been around for a long time, but somehow these critical elements got quietly swept under the rug.

    However, before launching this to you I decided to let some well respected guitarists take a look. I didn't ask them for anything in return, but within days unsolicited testimonials came flooding in. Here's just a few of the reviews for "Guitar Tone Secrets".

    See What Others Are Saying About Me, Robert Lee Molton,
    Your "Guitar Tone Secrets" Instructor...

    "A Truly Practical, and Easy to Follow Guitar Tone Guide"

    "Very Impressed, I never knew sounding this good could be this easy.

    You covered almost everything in your guide about getting great tone. I've already implemented the most powerful methods and techniques, into my new sound.

    Simply can't recommend this enough".

    Keep up the good work Robert!

    Best Wishes,
    Steve Carpenter
    Dougspur, VA.

    "Useful Tricks and Tips"

    "Hey Robert, Great product! Been playing guitar for 35 years, but learned cool stuff day 1.

    Having just finished the eBook I can tell you I'm incredibly impressed (if not a little shocked) at how much you've managed to cram into Guitar Tone Secrets, adding in a whole bunch of useful tricks and tips."

    Kudos, big man!
    Steven Brewer,
    Lorton, VA.

    "Cutting Edge"

    "Guitar Tone Secrets covers all the basics of pro quality guitar sound, and so much more. It's full of the best tone enhancement tips and cutting edge ideas out there."

    Much More than I expected - great seller - highly recommended...

    Harry Hewitt
    London, ON

    "Now Anyone Can Learn How To Get Great Guitar Tone"

    "Robert, you have done it again!

    I didn't think there was a whole lot about guitar tone that I didn't know already, but you sure proved me wrong!

    Thanks for revealing your "Killer Guitar Tone Formula " so that anyone can begin creating amazing guitar tone. I really appreciated how you layed it all out. Your formula is easy to follow and better yet, easy to copy!

    Great Product. There will be smoke rising from my fretboards as a result.


    Richard Bolus
    Vancouver, Canada

    "A Newbie Like Me, Getting Maximum Tone Results"

    I know from seeing your guitar videos that you do have killer tone, but up until now, no-one had showed a newbie like me a clear way of getting a good tone. Well, now you have done exactly that. Guitar Tone Secrets shows exactly how to approach your rig to get the maximum tone results.

    It's pretty clear how you get your ripping guitar tone, I just hope that your customers take action when they hit the other side of the download page..."

    Awesome product!! Really cool guy...and fast great service!

    Scott Baker
    South Burlington, VT.

    "Excellent, Excellent, Did I Mention Excellent?"


    I was amazed at how much detail you go into in this ebook. Not only do you show people exactly what they need to do to set up a successful guitar rig, but you also give the essential step-by-step 'how to' information as well.

    You cover everything from setting up the guitar rig for maximum headroom, to what order the floor pedals should be in to get the most lush tones. It's such a simple system, that it makes it easy for anyone to set up a great sounding guitar rig in no time at all!

    Excellent!, Excellent!, Excellent!, did I mention Excellent?

    Thanks mate,

    Daniel Mathew
    s - Australia

    "Brilliant - I will Be Back"

    Robert, man you've really rocked it this time.

    I think this is way better than anything else. It covers all the bases of what's really going on when trying to create authentic guitar tone. guitarists can really use it to their advantage... Nice work!

    Thanks for letting me review,


    Nick Corless
    Warrenpoint, Ireland

    "Great Package Worth The Price Many Times Over"

    Hey Robert,

    I just finished reading Guitar Tone Secrets, and wanted to let you know that you’ve done it again! I appreciate your no-nonsense approach to killer guitar tone creation.

    I especially enjoyed the section on the different types of wood. I can already tell a huge improvement in my guitar tone in last couple of days. I started by only applying the techniques you teach in a couple sections alone!

    Guitar Tone Secrets is THE definitive guide to getting killer tone, whether you’re a beginner or pro.

    Great Package. Worth the $ many times over!

    Great work and thanks again!

    James Anders
    Damascus, MD

    What's It Worth For You To Have A Pro Rock Guitarist Reveal The Truth, And Finally Hand You The Proven Methods To Getting Great Guitar Tone?

    Think about it... With the right information I was able to turn a measly average sounding guitar tone into a Killer Guitar Tone ... Wouldn't you like to do the same?

    I've done all the hard work for you, due to my years and months of testing different methods and techniques, and finally putting them in an easy to follow formula that you can just outright copy.

    Add up all the money you've spent in the past on products that never seem to work like you had hoped. Now, you have a genuine chance to follow a proven formula which assures you a Successful Killer Guitar Tone.

    If you follow my proven formula and apply just a few of the tips and secrets, you could improve your guitar tone well over 100%, and save hundreds of dollars (possibly thousands) doing so.

    Would you pay hundreds, if it meant you could create great guitar tone forever.

    Most people would have no problem paying several hundred dollars if it meant that they can copy the exact formula to create killer guitar tone (on demand) for the rest their guitar playing career!

    Take a moment to really think of the true worth of a genuine opportunity like this, that can help you get the kind of guitar tone that stands out in the mix, and makes your audience take notice, while drawing them into your guitar sound.

    Your band will sound better, your recordings will sound tighter, and your fan base will begin growing like wildfire.

    What's it worth to have a Killer Sounding Guitar Rig, that will also improve the overall sound of your band, as well as your next recording?

    I hope you're starting to see the real possibilities with your guitar sound.

    Now don't worry... I'm not going charge a high ticket price for these proven methods and techniques.

    I wish I had an opportunity like this when I was searching for better guitar tone. It would have saved me years of frustration and thousands of dollars!

    This is the reason I've decided to price this valuable information at a truly rock bottom price...

    You Can Now Have Access To My Proven
    Killer Guitar Tone Formula For Just $47

    Yes that's right... It's only going to cost just $47


    Like I said earlier in this letter... I want to help out guitar players in search of great guitar tone, like yourself. Most people would charge you much more, even hundreds of dollars for this information, but my main thought is this...

    Would that really help someone who has possibly wasted thousands of dollars in the past on all the latest products that promise you great tone, but never deliver on that promise?

    No it wouldn't.

    Sure I'd make more money if I placed an expensive price tag on this, but I don't want to do that, in fact, I want to help you (and others like you) finally break through this vicious cycle.

    I want to give you so much value and totally over deliver, so that when I release anything else in the future, you'll trust me just like the ones who have previously done business with me already do.

    It's my investment towards a long-term relationship with you. I'm confident that once I show you how to successfully get killer guitar tone, you'll be happy to purchase new products and courses from me again.

    There's more...

    Now, I know it's still possible you're thinking that you can't risk $47 to give this a try... I do understand that, And... I want you to have peace of mind.

    This is why I'm taking all the risk away, and assuring your guitar tone success with my personal 100% Risk Free Guarantee!

    Guitar Tone Guarantee


    Killer Guitar Tone Guarantee

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    You now have peace of mind knowing you've got absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain by downloading the "Guitar Tone Secrets" e-Book today.

    You'll instantly have a huge jump-start on dialing in your existing guitar tone, and have a proven blueprint to re-design, or even re-build a new guitar rig if you choose.

    The choice is completely up to you. YOU are in total control over your new guitar sound from this point forward!

    AND... to make this an Over The Top Deal for you, I'm throwing in 5 valuable bonuses that I'm confident you'll find very useful in your guitar playing.

    These additional bonuses are NOT needed to achieve Great Guitar Tone, but are meant to "Add Value" within this offer, making your decision that much easier.

    * (These Additional Bonuses Are For a Limited Time Only).

    You have everything you'll ever need to hit the ground running!

    "Anyone That Misses This Will Be Sorry"

    Hi Robert,

    I just read your much awaited guitar tone eBook, "Guitar Tone Secrets".

    No doubt, you are about to make thousands of people very happy about playing guitar all over again. It's like when you first started playing, so fresh and new sounding. Very inspiring.

    Your straight forward approach put a new kind of thought process in place, based on knowledge that helps you make wise decisions when creating your sound.

    Guitarists should let go of their old ways of thinking, and start experimenting with what really makes a difference in their sound. This is a like a beacon of light to the guitar tone chasers of the world.

    Anyone that misses out will be very sorry. Doing things the old way will simply keep you chasing your tail and spending money.

    Awesome product - pleasure to do business with you.

    Ken Hyette,
    Bellingham, WA

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    If you act quickly, you'll be sure to get these following 5 Additional Bonuses. Please understand that these bonuses may not be offered, (or may have changed) the next time you come back to this page.


    Great Guitar Tone-arrows


    Chord-Tool-7-psSince you're taking action by ordering now, I know you'll want to get started right away. My gift in appreciation, this handy guitar chord tool.

    You can find any chord your looking for in seconds, even better, you'll learn many chords that you've never even heard, or played before.

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    This little guitar chord tool is one of the most handy tools when it comes to learning, writing, transposing, teaching etc...

    This is a must have!

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    guitar-scale-toolFind any guitar scale in seconds. A very handy tool to have when learning guitar solos, writing songs, composing harmonies, etc...

    By simply adding several new scales into your playing, you can improve your playing more than 100% in a very short time.

    This bonus alone, is worth hundreds of dollars if you took full advantage of it's power.

    All the scales you can think of, major and minor, including the modes for the scales. This is another absolute must!

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    Fretboard-Warrior-7Learn All The Notes On The Neck - Quick & Easy...

    There's no doubt that knowing where the notes are on the guitar neck makes creating music so much easier.

    Whether you're creating a planned out masterpiece, freestyle improvising, or just simply jamming, knowing your notes on the neck is going to give you a serious advantage. 

    No more struggling to get around the fretboard.

    Order now, and you'll get this priceless tool FREE.

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    Tuner-Metro-Drum-7-psThis is the master link in the chain. Your own tuner, your own metronome, and your own drum-loops to jam with.

    This combination package is being given to you as a system to improve your overall guitar playing.

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    pacemakerPaceMaker is a plug-in for Winamp player that enables independent control of the sound tempo, pitch and playback rate. 

    Tempo control speeds up or slows down the music tempo without affecting the music key (pitch).

    * (This is great for slowing down fast guitar solos, so you can easily pick out every single note, without changing the original pitch)

    Pitch control changes the music pitch (key) without affecting the tempo.

    Speed control changes the music playback rate as if a record or an audio tape were played at too high of a rate, or too low of a rate.

    PaceMaker version 2 also features a Vocal Removal capability to suppress original singing voice, which is useful for practicing singing, or karaoke..

    $47 Value

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    • Easy Chord: Guitar Chord Tool (software)
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    • PaceMaker Audio Control: Control Tempo, Pitch and Speed (software)
    • I understand I will be billed $97... $47 today to receive immediate access to "Guitar Tone Secrets" e-Book Plus... all 5 bonuses!
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    I'm offering you a 109 page e-Book that outlines how to get Killer Guitar Tone ...without going broke.

    The book is $47

    I'm also giving you "5 very useful BONUSES" that will help you in other areas of your guitar playing.

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    What's important about"Guitar Tone Secrets" is that all the insider information your getting is based on real "PROVEN" Methods and Techniques that actually make the difference within your guitar tone.

    This isn't about convincing you to spend thousands of dollars on all new gear, or any of the typical stuff you might associate with "getting great guitar tone". (And in my experience, it simply works better.)

    On top of all that, professional guitarists world-wide (who are already using these insider secrets) have created their own unique killer guitar tone that is customized to their specific likes and tastes.

    Now it's your turn!

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